#1: 7th May 2018 | Why I hate iPhones - 

People always ask me "why do you hate iPhones?", and to put it brief, they're just over-priced, over-hyped pieces of crap... Now don't get me wrong, they are not the worst but I don't think they will ever be the best.  iPhones always seem to be way more expensive than the phones with similar specs (or the same even) and they can do that because of their brands huge "premium" stand-point that makes them be able to up the prices to 2 times or 3 or 4 times than the average price of those specificatons! So I think it's obvious why I do not like their products at all :/

#1: 14th April 2018 | Why I do not recommend the iPhone X - 

I think for most people the iPhone X is just unnecessary... Most of the new "features" are just gimmicks to boost the price and advertisements! Stuff like animated face emoji's, face id, ect feel very forced on the phone, the introduction of Face ID was a surprise to me. Mainly because Fingerprint Scanners are perfectly fine - it seemed almost useless to remove the button. People complained that it was harder to use because of the lack of a home button...  All I have to say is, most people would be better off with a iPhone SE or 6/7/8

#2: 13th April 2018 | Neocities is great for this reason! - 

Neocities is a great site for the small users, it helps people grow and also is a overall great site for lite websites that use the free hosting with a domain!

The site gets increasingly better every update and I cannot wait to update this site every few days!!!

#1: 13th April 2018 | Budget Phones are getting BETTER? - 

Budget phones have been becoming increasingly better due to the fast development of mobile technology in the recent years! If people demand more from a flagship the older stuff will be lowered in price, this meaning:- Parts, Features, ect... Meaning Budget phones can get better technology quicker than ever before!